Spending time on a private island in the Seto Inland Sea, where only 1 group at a time can stay / KUJIRA-JIMA (Tamano-shi, Okayama)

You can have a special experience on an uninhabited island.

This is the island called “Kujira-jima” which means “Whale Island.”
The reason is the silhouette of the island looks like a whale, and so it has been called that by the local people for a long time.
This island also is pretty popular island because only 1 group at a time (a day) can visit.
Yes, this island is a “private island.”

Going to “KUJIRA-JIMA” by a chartered boat

The boat to “KUJIRA-JIMA” leaves at the port in Uno during the warm seasons.
It is about a 30-minute ride to the island, and you can enjoy the beautiful view and sea breeze.
In the season right before winter, the boat leaves from Kojima and it takes only about 10 minutes.
Please check your route and port when you make a reservation.

How do you enjoy your time in “KUJIRA-JIMA”?

There are many high-spec facilities and equipment on the island, such as a wood deck, a camping site with a tent, a cottage, a kitchen, etc.
Maybe you won’t believe that no one actually lives on this island.
And fortunately, the only person (or group) who can stay here is you! What a luxury!

There are some deck chairs on the seaside, and they definitely invite you to sit down there.
Your time on the island without any other people feels so private, and it heals you while you just gaze at the sea in front of you and listen to the sound of the waves.

There are some facilities which allow you to enjoy barbecuing and cooking on “KUJIRA-JIMA.”
You can, of course, use the kitchen, and there is even a genuine barbecue grill (extra charge).
The food and ingredients for cooking must be brought to the island, so basically prepare for the feast beforehand! .
However, you can order “one-pound steak” and so on.
So if you want to have a big and special meal in the island, make a reservation for it.
Actually, we cooked a “whole” roast chicken.

Cook, drink, and eat! This is the way of truly enjoying the outdoors!
If you’ve had enough of nice food for now, then let’s go play in the Seto Inland Sea.

“KUJIRA-JIMA” has prepared some facilities and items for activities, such as sea kayaking, and SUP (Stand-up paddle boarding).
Of course, you can also swim at this gently sloping beach.
Maybe it would be really enjoyable for you to take a walk around the entire island at low tide.

Various ways to fully enjoy the accommodation

There are 2 ways to stay overnight in “KUJIRA-JIMA.”

One is camping.
You can stay in a tent which is located near the sea and gives you a great view of it.
In addition, you can get beds or lighting inside the tent as options.

▲Staying in a tent while listening to the sound of waves

The other option is staying at a luxurious cottage.
There are beds, furniture, a kitchen, a bathroom, and nothing to be worried about.
If it is a little bit cold, you can use even the wood-burning stove…!
Of course you can see the sea from its windows.

▲The outer wall of the cottage is made of burned Japanese cedar, which is a traditional material for houses, especially in Okayama.

▲The interior of the cottage. Can you see the Seto Inland Sea outside of the windows?

It is the perfect location for enjoying the outdoors with you family, and it would be great to have a wedding ceremony or a party for some anniversary here, wouldn’t it?
So have yourself a memorable time at this private island.

KUJIRA-JIMA, the reserved uninhabited island in Setouchi
Address/off-shore of Tamano-shi, Okayama
The nearest port/1-1-11, Chikko, Tamano-shi, Okayama
*The departure point for the chartered boat differs from season to season, so please confirm it when you make a reservation.
Phone/080-6325-7110 or 080-8239-2630
Email address/info@kujira-jima.jp
CampingPlan(One night)
 March to November:From 20,000 yen per person (adult)
 December to February:From 16,000 yen per person (adult)
 (Minimum numbers of people for stay: 4 on weekdays, 6 on weekends)
Cottage Plan(One night)
 March to November:From 144,000 yen for the cottage (4 people maximum)
 December to February:From 128,000 yen for the cottage (4 people maximum)
DAY CAMP Plan(One-day camping – No overnight stay)
 March to November:From 10,000 yen per person (adult)
 December to February:From 8,000 yen per person (adult)
 (Minimum numbers of people forcamping: 4 on weekdays, 6 on weekends)
*Please check the details on the website.
Reservation/From the reservation form on website
Official website:https://www.kujira-jima.jp/

Photographs and text by Kokohorejapan Inc. (KatsutoshiAsai)

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