Staying at Chikko and Uno. The recommended route, including a burger shop and hot spring, when you stay at Chikko and Uno. / Tamano-shi, Okayama

Uno Port is well-known as the Okayama-side of entrance for the “Setouchi Triennale,” which is a world-famous art festival held here once every 3 years.
You can get ferries heading to some of “the islands of art,” such as Naoshima, Shodoshima, Teshima and so on, so maybe it would be a good plan for you to schedule some of your time in Uno before or after visiting the islands.

Spot 1

“#8 WIRE” (Uno, Tamano-shi)

Let’s have a tasty lunch after arriving at Uno Station.
The hamburger shop “#8 WIRE” is 8 minutes away from the station on foot, located on the ground floor of the “Higashiyama Building.”

The beef patty is made with 100% Australian minced beef, and it is very juicy and really “meaty”!
The bun is a kind of baguette-like, so its texture is light and a bit crispy.
All patties, buns, and even the tomato sauce, which together contribute to the overall taste ofthe hamburger, are carefully hand-made.

>Visit the old, learn something new! Enjoy a relaxing time at your own pace at a landmark in Uno, Okayama./Higashiyama Building (Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama)

Spot 2

Art spots around Uno Station (Tamano-shi)

On the way back to Uno Station from “#8 WIRE,” you can find some artworks from the Setouchi Triennale.
The area is studded with several artworks, such as “Memory of Ship’s Hull,” “The Statue of Goddess of Love,” “Gift from the Sea.”

▲“Chinu—the Black Seabream of Uno” by Yodogawa-Technique

Among of them, “Chinu – the Black Seabream of Uno” is one of the most popular photo-shooting spots, and you can find it near Uno Port.
It is a colorful and cute object, but it is made of cans, PET bottles, waste and discarded articles from homes.

Spot 3

Setouchi Onsen (hot spring) “Tama-no-yu” (Chikko, Tamano-shi)

Visit Setouchi Onsen “Tama-no-yu” to seek only peace of mind anda relaxing time.

This hot spring, with a high calcium and salt content, has a high moisture-retaining and heat-keeping effect.
Moreover, this alkalescent hot spring cleanses dirt and oil from your skin, and make rough substances soft…, which means, your skin will be silky smooth after bathing!

That should be reason enough to take a hot bath here, but additionally, you can enjoy the tasteful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea with its many islands from the open-air baths.

“Tama-no-yu” opens until 23:00 (last admission until 22:00), so you can ease your fatigue after a trip to the islands even you arrive at the port pretty late.
The hot spring accepts your love for onsens…!

Setouchi Onsen Tama-no-yu
Address/1-11-1, Chikko, Tamano-shi, Okayama

Spot 4

“BOLLARD COFFEE” (Uno, Tamano-shi)

After a relaxing time, why don’t we have a tasty cup of coffee?
Let’s visit “BOLLARD COFFEE,” a coffee shop in the same building of “#8 WIRE.”

“BOLLARD COFFEE” serves coffee provided from “OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS” which is a shop dealing in various coffee beans from countries all over the world.
What’s going to be your preference?
“Brazil,”with its characteristic nuttyflavor, or “Indonesia” with its complex aroma, might attract you…!
There are several kinds of coffee beans, so find your favorite.

>Visit the old, learn something new! Enjoy a relaxing time at your own pace at a landmark in Uno, Okayama./Higashiyama Building (Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama)

Spot 5

“HYM Hostel” (Uno, Tamano-shi)

Now the only thing left to do after taking in a hot spring – is going to bed!

“HYM Hostel” is the good place to stay and feel the “history” of Uno.
This hostel’s atmosphere is tasteful, and especially the aging parts here and there in the building make this place so unique.
You can see a view of the sea from the windows of all comfortable rooms, with their white color base.

>Spend a unique night staying at a hostel with “a touch of ruins” in a nostalgic port town. /HYM Hostel (Tamano-shi, Okayama)

Spot 6

“Trailer Hotel SORAUMI” (Chikko, Tamano-shi)

If you consider an extraordinary stay to be important during your travels, then we recommend that you stay at “Trailer Hotel SORAUMI,” where you can stay in a camping trailer.

Each “room” is a separate trailer, and has dining space, toilets and so on.
The room and facilities in trailer are just like a hotel!
This kind of stay will be a very special occasion for you.

When you wake up the next morning, you can take your time wrapping up your trip, or maybe now is a good chance to go to Naoshima, which only takes 20 minutes by ferry from Uno Port.
So, what’s your next destination?

>The best place as a base for your “art trip” in Setouchi – experience an extraordinary stay in a trailer in Uno port./Trailer Hotel SORAUMI (Tamano-shi, Okayama)

Photographs and text by Kokohorejapan Inc. (Saki Ikuta)

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