Let’s go to Korakuen and Okayama Castle in the evening! Peach boats and beautiful illuminations are waiting for you. / The area around Korakuen and Okayama Castle (Okayama-shi, Okayama)

Korakuen and Okayama Castle are “classic” sightseeing spots.

The “classic” sightseeing spots in Okayama City are “Korakuen” and “Okayama Castle.”
Korakuen is one of the three outstanding gardens is Japan, and Okayama Castle is well-known for its significant black exterior.
There are stylish cafes and variety shops in Izushi-cho, which is an area nearby these 2 spots, so many people take a walk and enjoy sightseeing there in the daytime.

But we would like to recommend that you enjoy Korakuen and Okayama Castle in the evening and at night.
Therefore, we will introduce you to a course starting with a Peach Boat ride.

Spot 1

Let’s prepare your mind for an evening stroll with a “Peach Boat.”

“Peach Boat” service started in 2018, and has been popular among SNS posts.
Their appearance is so cute and catchy, but you can have a quiet and peaceful time on the boat while viewing the calm water surface of the Asahikawa.

Peach Boat
Address/1-6, Korakuen, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama (close to Korakuen)
Service Hours/9:00〜18:00 (until 17:00 between October and March)
Fee/1,600 yen for 20 minutes ride per boat (Maximum capacity is 3 [2 adults and 1 child])
Closed/Irregular holidays

Spot 2

“GENSO-TEIEN” of Korakuen is held in spring, summer, and autumn every year!

“GENSO-TEIEN” means “fantastic garden”, and at this event Korakuen is illuminated beautifully at night.
This special event is held at night during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons.

The blossoms in full bloom in spring, and the beautiful crimson foliage in autumn are illuminated, and the lighting is arranged so that the beauty for each season stands out.
The atmosphere at night is more mature, and totally different from the refreshing ambience in the daytime.

Some concerts, workshops and events which provide food and drink are held during the period of “GENSO-TEIEN” (It differs depending on the season and period).
The Japanese culture experience event in summer during “GENSO-TEIEN” is especially popular.
You can enjoy Japanese flower arrangement, tea ceremony, playing the Japanese harp, and so on in this experience program.
Moreover, a free-admission service will be available if you wear a kimono to participate in this event.

Maybe “GENSO-TEIEN” in summer would be the best for first time visitors.
The duration for this event is one month, and experience programs are more numerous compared to other seasons.
Moreover, you can enjoy beer at the beer garden!
We can easily imagine that having beer in this great garden during a summer night would be so tasty…!

“GENSO-TEIEN” in Korakuen
Address/1-5, Korakuen, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
Period/Every spring, summer, and autumn (please check for the specific dates)

Spot 3

”Ujo Togenkyo,” an event which Okayama Castle is beautifully illuminated

Okayama Castle, located very close to Korakuen, is also illuminated beautifully for the “Ujo Togenkyo” event.
This event is held at the same time as “GENSO-TEIEN” every spring, summer, and autumn.
The theme is “soft illumination surrounding the Crow Castle” and lanterns, garden lanterns, and candles are lit up and mildly brighten the castle tower and surroundings.
Okayama Castle is called “Crow Castle” because of its color, and it seems so strong as it stands out in the daytime.
But the illuminated castle at night is pretty different, and gives us a gentle impression.
You cannot miss trying various foods at the stands during this event!

”Ujo Togenkyo” at Okayama Castle
Address/2-3-1, Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
Phone/086-225-2096 (Castle tower of Okayama Castle)
Time/Spring and summer: 18:00〜21:30, autumn: 17:00~20:30

Spot 4

Rent a castle tower in Okayama Castle

By the way, do you know that you can rent a castle tower in Okayama Castle at night for a price of 82,300 yen? (The tax and lighting cost of 11,000yen are included.)
Isn’t it surprising that you can rent a castle tower for only about 80,000 yen…!?
You can try a kimono wearing experience which lets you look like a lord or a princess.

Rental service for a castle tower of Okayama Castle at night
Address/2-3-1, Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
Phone/086-225-2096 (Castle tower of Okayama Castle)

Text by Kokohorejapan, Inc. (Saki Ikuta)

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