Eat, drink, and sing!? Tours for foreign tourists who want to fully enjoy the nightlife in Tokushima have debuted! / Tokushima Barhopping Tours (Tokushima-shi, Tokushima)

Let’s go barhopping in the center of Tokushima City at night!

When you stay in the city during your trip, you would like to taste good local food and drink to satisfy your appetite, right?
But sometimes, you might give up seeking such places because you don’t have any information or know nothing about the area…
But in Tokushima, there are some great tours which will make your nighttime much better!

Actually, there are a lot of various goodies in the city of Tokushima, as well as bars where you can try some nice booze.

Maybe you will be surprised at the small narrow alleys like this in Tokushima…!
The atmosphere of these areas is similar to some off streets in the big city.

Now, let us introduce you the barhopping tours starting in spring of 2020, where you can visit several restaurants or bars while learning about Japanese and Tokushima’s culture.
The tour starts from JR Tokushima Station, and you stroll to the riverfront area and some busy downtown streets.

Now, are you anxious about the languages?
Don’t worry, these tours are prepared for foreign tourists.
That means you can enjoy the tour in English!

A local guide who can speak English escorts you.

No problem even if you don’t know much about Japan, or anything about Tokushima at all.
All tours are attended by local guides who can speak English fluently, and they are designated as these tour guides after study and training.
Each tour is carefully planned by the guide, and it introduces you to the good points of Tokushima and also some Japanese culture.

Isn’t it nice to have various foods and drinks with a guide who tells you about Japan and Tokushima’s history and culture?
There are various tours waiting for you, and in one of them you can experience karaoke with a guide on the tour (isn’t it so unique?)!

▲For example, you can taste various kinds of local sake in small glasses and compare the differences at the Japanese sake bar “Taro Saketen.”

Please take a look at the contents of some of the tours.

One tour is the “Let’s Taste Tokushima Tour” in which you can try craft beers and sake brewed in Tokushima. This tour closes by having one of Tokushima’s specialties “Tokushima Ramen.”
You should be able to fully enjoy “Tokushima’s taste” on this tour.

Another tour is a pretty unique one. The “Hot Pot and Cool Jazz” tour is for music lovers, where you can enjoy a genuine music session of jazz, blues, or rock after having a nice hot pot dish.
Or, how about the tour where you can enjoy karaoke with the guide?

There are various kinds of tours, so you can choose your favorite one which matches your preference or desires.

A tour which includes watching an “Awa-Odori” performance is also available.

If you come to Tokushima, you should see and experience “Awa-Odori.”
So, there is also a tour where you can enjoy the performance of Awa-odori.
Awa-Odori is a traditional dance festival which is held every summer, but you can see the stage version of Awa-odori every day at “Awaodori Kaikan” located about 10-minute-walk from JR Tokushima Station.
The night performance starts at 8 p.m., and the dancers of a famous group give you a great performance there.

The dinner after the performance is called the “Awa-odori” meal, which features a kind of local chicken raised in the natural environment of Tokushima.

The downtown and streets themselves are just like one big museum!

Of course, the main purpose of a barhopping tour should be visiting restaurants and bars and having good food and drink.
However, one fascinating aspect of these tours is that you can walk through the streets and enjoy the beautiful views, especially with a river in the center of the town.

You will have a lot of fun at strolling around the city while listening to the guide.
I am sure that you will have a lot of questions about what you see or hear, so just feel free to ask anything to your guide.
He/she will answer your questions of “what” and “why” and you will learn a lot of things about the culture of Tokushima.
Yes, I believe that you will feel like you’re walking in a big museum when you are participating the tour…!

Let’s go out for a delicious adventure in Tokushima with your guide!

Tokushima Barhopping Tours (run by the Tokushima Tourism Bureau)
Fee/From 10,000 yen (fee for the guide, with a few dishes and drinks included. Additional food and drinks must be paid for by participants)
Reservations/From the website below
Payment/Should be done by cash or a credit card

Photographs and text by Yuuki Bando

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Written by

Yuuki Bando

Yuuki Bando

Yuuki was born and raised in Tokushima and speaks both English and Japanese with a cute Tokushima dialect. Her cherished motorcycle is Bonneville T100 (Triumph) with pop colors – ivory and tangerine orange. She is now experiencing the second visit the Shikoku eighty-eight temples as an “ohenro-san” (pilgrim), and she will do it maybe several more times! Yuuki worked for a local wooden furniture maker for 7 years and was in charge of all operations in English, such as translation for communicating with foreign companies and designers, interpretation at meetings or exhibitions held in Milan (Italy), Kortrijk (Belgium), and Tokyo. And now she is supporting many companies and foreign designers (inside/outside of Japan) as an agent, helping their business go smoothly on a long-term basis. Tour guide has also become one of business now, registered as a "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter," “Kagawa Setouchi Local Government Licensed Guide Interpreter”, and also a “Setouchi Islands’ Guide” for Setouchi Triennale Official Tour.


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