A tranquil garden full of Japanese beauty and a huge carpet of green moss. / Gallery Teahouse Kokemushiro (Seiyo-shi, Ehime)

This is a sacred place of “moss” which exists quietly in the western part of Ehime prefecture. This could be called a tremendous healing space, as it makes you forget about the passing of time. Please come and be embraced with a simple beauty that is typically Japanese.

“Kokemushiro” is a must-visit place in western Ehime.


It is about a 1 hour drive from Matsuyama city, the main area of Ehime prefecture.
The “Gallery Teahouse Kokemushiro” is a place where every visitor can experience healing and comfort in Seiyo city in western Ehime.

Once you have set foot in this place, you will be stunned by the scenery of moss spreading out over the landscape.

The owner inherited this place, which used to be a terraced rice paddy owned by his father, and it took him 5 years to grow the moss covering this whole area.
The owner has planted, watered, and taken care of the moss every day. It obviously has taken a very long time to create this enormous moss carpet. The scene just enfolds all visitors with a healing atmosphere.

Please stroll along the paths and enjoy the sights.
There are some stepping stones, and sometimes the way ends up in a dead end, but you will find amusement on each path. Take your time and enjoy the views full of green moss.
However, watch your step and please do not step on moss in order to preserve this sight.

Selected coffee and simple sweets



Another amusement here is a coffee break after enjoying a stroll through the mossy landscape.

The coffee is brewed with fine water drawn up from 50 meters underground.
Also, there are some sweets which go really good with coffee.
These include a piece of chiffon cake made with rice flour from the local area, Uwa-cho. Or you might try the “Koke-manju,” which are steamed buns containing sweet bean paste and sprinkled with seaweed (making this manju look like it’s covered in moss!) These are made by local old ladies.



The view from the tea house’s window is just like a fine painting on the wall.
Although maybe it would be nice to have some coffee or tea on the wood deck on sunny day, to fully take in the atmosphere surrounded by moss.

The beauty after a rainfall


Any time is a good time to see the beauty of “Kokemushiro.”
The sunlight is just right and is very comfortable in spring time, and it is pretty cool with a breeze flowing through in summer time. For some reason, there are not many mosquitoes here.
You can feel the clear and crisp air, which will make you focus your mind, in autumn and winter.

We asked the owner one question: “When is the best timing to see the most beautiful moss here?”
His answer was “right after the rain falls.”
The rays of the sun coming through the trees are very beautiful, and they make the rain-drop covered moss shine.

“Kokemushiro,” the sacred place of moss which heals everyone’s mind.
This is a spot where you can be satisfied with quiet, simple, dignified Japanese beauty.

Gallery Teahouse Kokemushiro
Address/2099, Nobusato, Uwa-cho, Seiyo-shi, Ehime
Closed/Monday(Opens on Monday if it is a national holiday)*Closed on weekdays between January and March
Parking lot/Available for 20 cars (free of charge)

We kindly ask you to refrain from bringing visitors who are elementary school students or under due to the delicate nature of the moss.

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