Speaking of Setouchi, the must-eat item is seafood! – A selection of 7 spots where you can try fresh seafood.

The Seto Inland Sea is nutrient-rich because the water from mountains surrounding the sea flows into the sea. Fish flourish in the calm inland sea with its mild climate, and their meat has a springy texture and a rich taste. We will introduce some places recommended by local writers where you can find gourmet fresh seafood!

1|“Iki-iki Bakangai” in Karato Ichiba (Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi)

“Karato Ichiba (Market)” which is called “the kitchen of Kanmon area” holds a sushi sale for general customers only on Friday, weekends, and national holidays. As you can see in the photo, many colorful kinds of sushi are lined up in the showcase and it looks like a cake buffet!
All the sushi is made no more than 2.5 hours before being sold, so that the freshness is guaranteed. You will be overwhelmed not only by the taste of the fish but also the lively atmosphere and vigorous people in the market, so please enjoy it!

Karato Ichiba
Address/5-50, Karato-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi

Karato Market – Fresh Fish Market, Famous for ‘Fugu’ (Yamaguchi)

Karato Market – Shimonoseki’s Finest Fish on the Waterfront

2|Yumoto Kanko Hotel Saikyo (Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi)

The first photo is Senzaki Squid sashimi taken from the Sea of Japan, and the second one is a dish of turban shell, swimming crabs, and red sea bream from the Seto Inland Sea. Yamaguchi Prefecture faces these 2 seas, and so you can have fresh seafood from both. What a luxury…!

Yumoto Kanko Hotel Saikyo
Address/1051, Fukawayumoto, Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi

English – booking.com

3|Zekkei Restaurant Uzu no Oka (Minamiawaji-shi, Hyogo)

Sea urchin is one of the most luxurious foods in Japan, and you can eat various kinds of sea urchin dishes here. One is a bowl of rice topped with seafood which you eat with a “special sea urchin soy sauce.” The sea urchin is mixed and dissolved into soy sauce, to make this special sauce which you pour over seafood and rice! Another dish is seafood “shabu-shabu” which is parboiled using a thick sea urchin soup.
Awajishima, the biggest island in the Seto Inland Sea, is a place full of various kinds of food and dishes. You can enjoy many kinds of cuisines – not only seafood, but also fruits and vegetables!

Zekkei Restaurant Uzu no Oka
Address/936-3, Fukura-hei, Minamiawaji-shi, Hyogo
https://rest.uzunokuni.com (JP)

4|Awajishima Kanko Hotel (Sumoto-shi, Hyogo)

This accommodation has a “private fishing spot” for lodgers, not a private beach! You can go fishing on a chartered boat owned by the hotel.
You can take the fish home, but also the hotel chef can cook the fish you catch for your own consumption!
Please do not worry if you cannot catch any fish because you can still enjoy dishes with the superfine seafood of Awajishima.

Awajishima Kanko Hotel
Address/1053-17, Orodani, Sumoto-shi, Hyogo
https://www.awakan.com (JP)

5|Nihon Ryori Fujiyoshi (Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi)

Shunan City in Yamaguchi is the birthplace of long-line fugu (globefish) fishing. “Fujiyoshi,” a long-established Japanese cuisine restaurant provides various kinds of fugu dishes, and many gourmets come here for a rich selection. Tempura, sashimi, rice porridge made with fugu broth, etc…, these various fugu cuisines in the best place for it are exceptional.

Nihon Ryori Fujiyoshi
Address/2-6, Sakaemachi, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
https://www.fujiyoshi-group.com/fujiyoshi (JP)

6|Kaisen Shokudo Jakoya (Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa)

This is a popular seafood diner where you can have dishes with fresh ingredients for 100-600 yen each.
One special menu item offered between autumn and winter is zuke-don (a bowl of rice topped sashimi soaked in soy sauce) of olive hamachi which is a brand-name yellowtail of Kagawa Prefecture. This fish-brand was developed in Kagawa, the leading producer of olives in Japan! The yellowtail, cultivated with feed containing olive leaves, has a refreshing flavor. Please try it.

Kaisen Shokudo Jakoya
Address/631-7, Hara, Mure-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
http://www.genpei-mure.com/syokudo (JP)

7|Gomi no Ichi (Bizen-shi, Okayama)

Hinase in Bizen City, Okayama is the location famous for production of oysters. Buy fresh fish and oysters at the fish market “Gomi no Ichi” and have a barbecue right away at “Umi no Eki (Seaside Station) Shioji” in front of the market!
The event “Gyo-gyotto Festival” is held on the first Sunday of every month, and you’ll be surprised at the special bargains at this seafood sale.

Hinase Town Fishery Cooperative Gomi no Ichi
Address/801-4, Hinase, Hinase-cho, Bizen-shi, Okayama
https://www.hinase.net/gominoiti/ (JP)

Umi no Eki Shioji

Hinase, Oyster Heaven in Winter! (Okayama)

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