Please kindly spare your time to answer the questionnaire.

To the visitors of Setouchi Finder

We appreciate for your visit and “Likes” for Setouchi Finder.
We would like to do the survey for the fans of Setouchi Finder, asking about Setouchi Finder and the image of Setouchi area.
Please check the guide of this survey bellow, and we hope you can answer the questionnaire for us.
Thank you for your kind support.

The guide for the questionnaire

■The outline for the questionnaire
Purpose: To make the best use of the answers of the questionnaire for our planning or programs from hearing the intension for visiting Setouchi area, the image of Setouchi and Setouchi Finder.

Numbers of questions: 16

Time required: about 10 minutes

*Please note that only one time of answering the questionnaire is allowed for one person.
**One email address for one person, and not more than 2 persons can apply with the same email address.

■Deadline: March 31, 2019

1. The questionnaire submitted by you is used upon statistical processing, therefore your personal information will never be specified.
2. We outsource the system of this questionnaire, data aggregation, and the operation for survey, and all process will be carried out under the contract promising that strictly handling each data and security protection.

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