Tokushima Tokushima Awa-Odori Experience Tour

Last updated: 14 March, 2022

Glimpse the history and culture of Tokushima

A unique tour that will have you experiencing Tokushima Castle Museum and the Awa Odori Festival Hall, together with explanations from the tour guide, and dancing the awa-odori at the end of the tour.

Learn the history of Tokushima City at the Tokushima Castle Museum, and marvel at its garden!

A local tour guide will take you to Tokushima Castle Museum. There, you will be able to learn about the hanshu (feudal lords) who supported the development of Tokushima City, and get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the common people during the Edo Period. The beautiful Japanese garden, beloved by hanshu across the generations, is also a must-see.

Look out over Tokushima City from a mountaintop observation deck on Mt. Bizan!

At Awa Odori Festival Hall, you will be able to look out over Tokushima City from the Mt. Bizan observation deck - a spot that has been referenced in the songs of Manyoshu, and that has historically been and is now still a symbol of the city.

Learn the history of the awa-odori, and dance it yourself!

Observe an awa-odori performance, featuring experienced dancers and traditional instruments, up close. Learn more about Tokushima City residents’ pride and joy, the awa-odori, and dance it alongside everyone else at the end of the tour!