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I was born in 1985 in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, and now live in Tokushima City.
After graduating university, I worked at a publishing company as an editor for various mooks, and in April 2014 I went freelance. I work as a photographer, copy-writer and editor, but also do product development and other stuff as well. If anyone needs me, I can do anything! Except, in spite of my being from Tokushima, dancing – I’m really bad at dancing Awa Odori!

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2015.6.6 Tokushima

Big Hina Matsuri: No.1 Girl’s Festival Featuring Dolls from All over Japan!

The Big Hina Matsuri festival began with the idea of gathering unwanted hina dolls from all over Japan and holding a service for them.

2015.5.25 Gift Tokushima

A Happy Gift: Salt-Crust Sea Bream!

Naruto city, Tokushima prefecture is a well-known fishing town.

2015.4.21 Hotel Hyogo

Enjoying the Delights of Awaji Island’s Mountains & Sea at Resort Hotel Anaga!

Awaji Island is located as if it’s connecting Honshu with Shikoku!

2015.4.14 Kagawa

A Zoo for Interacting with Wild Animals that is Home to the Most Tigers in Japan!

As the residential area ends, you'll start to see Shirotori Zoo come into view on top of a small mountain.

2015.4.14 Gourmet Tokushima

Mikumo Café is a weekday IT Office!

At a fishing village in the southern part of Tokushima prefecture there's a slightly usual establishment called Mikumo Café.

2015.4.13 Gourmet Tokushima

Try your hand at Making Dried Fish in a Naruto Fishing Village?!

Packed full of local Naruto specialties such as Naruto wakame (sea weed) and Naruto kintoki (sweet potato), Toyota Shouten is a store located by the shores of the Naruto straits, in Naruto city, Tokushima prefecture.

2015.4.9 Tokushima

Mt. Benten-yama – Japan’s Lowest Natural Mountain – Also Conquered by a Famous Japanese Musician!!

Everyone knows that Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, but do you know the lowest?

2015.4.7 Hotel Hyogo

Open-Air Bath Paradise with Dream-Like Sunset Views: Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awaji Island – GORGEOUS!

Having heard a rumor that in southwest Awaji Island there’s a place known as the “hilltop paradise", we went along to investigate!

2015.3.28 Hotel Hyogo

Kaigetsukan : A Hotel with a Baby Plan, Safe for Small Children!

Perfect for family trips, Awaji Island offers a myriad of activities including marine leisure and sightseeing.

2015.3.24 Gourmet Hyogo

Tarai Udon Noodles Make Love Come True in the Hometown of Aizen Myoo, the Cupid Buddha!

Known as the Buddha of love, Aizen Myoo is enshrined at the central gate of Juraku-ji, temple number 7 of the Shikoku’s 88-temple pilgrimage, which is located in Donari town, Awa city, Tokushima prefecture.

2015.3.2 Gourmet Tokushima

Local Countryside Gourmet! Botan Nabe (Wild Boar Hot Pot)!!

Looking over the town of Katsuura, Tokushima prefecture, you can see rivers and mountains – beautiful countryside.

2015.2.24 Gourmet Tokushima

Café Kimura at a 300+ Year-old Traditional Japanese House – An Important Cultural Property!

Nestled away in one Japan's three ‘hidden’ areas, there is a traditional Japanese-style house in Iya, Miyoshi city that has been designated as an important Japanese cultural property.

2015.2.19 Gourmet Tokushima

Shikoku Sake Festival: Great Gathering of Local Sake in Ikeda-cho! Feb. 21st (Sat) 2015!

Known as the "navel" of Shikoku, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture is located right in the middle of Shikoku.

2015.1.28 Hotel Tokushima

A secluded Travel Inn takes you back in time to the delightful world of Heian Era Japan!?

Donari-cho in Awa city, Tokushima prefecture is an area of abundant greenery.

2015.1.26 Art Tokushima

You May Find the Myriad of Monster Legends Here a Bit Scary… Monster House!

With its more than 110 monster legends, Yamashiro (Oboke) located in Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture is monster country!

2015.1.23 Art Tokushima

The Revival Of Van Gogh’s Lost Masterpiece “Sunflowers” : Otsuka Museum of Art (Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture)

Otsuka Museum of Art holds replicas of over 1000 pieces of art from more than 190 art museums in 25 countries around the world.

2015.1.19 Gourmet Tokushima

Sudachi & Curry Go Suprisingly Well Together?! New Local Gourmet “Tokushima Curry”! / CLUB30 (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture)

Located in Tokushima city, Tokushima prefecture, CLUB30 (Club Thirty) is a restaurant that specializes in curry.

2015.1.4 Hotel Tokushima

Get on the Cable ‘Hut’ & Head for the Open Bath in the Sky!

When talking about sightseeing spots in Iya (one of Japan's Three Hidden Regions), one will mention Kazura Bridge. Right in the vicinity of the bridge there is an "open air bath in the sky" with views out of this world.

2014.12.29 Hotel Tokushima

Secluded Clifftop Hotel & Cable Car to the Secret Bath at the Bottom of the Valley!!

Deep in the mountains of Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture lays Iya, one of Japan's Three Hidden Regions.

2014.12.21 Tokushima

200 Million Year Old ’Art’ – A Sightseeing Cruise of Sculpture-Like Cliffs…

Yoshino River flows east to west across Shikoku.

2014.12.19 Tokushima

The World’s Best Forest-Bathing Via the World’s Number 1 Sightseeing Monorail

Iya is deep in the mountains of Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture.

2014.11.27 Gourmet Tokushima

Digging for Gold! Let’s Harvest ‘Naruto Kintoki’, Japan’s Top Sweet Potato Brand

Do you know the sweet potato variety called Naruto Kintoki?Just as you might imagine after hearing the name (Kintoki; Kin = gold), the potato's flesh is a vivid golden color.

2014.11.18 Tokushima

The secret of suspension bridge “Iya”, one of three most secluded areas in Japan : Iya (Miyoshi, Tokushima)

The wonderful sightseeing spot of “Iya” is located deep in the mountains of Miyoshi, Tokushima.

2014.10.29 Gourmet Tokushima

“Bouze no Sugata-zushi” an autumn delicacy in Tokushima City, Tokushima

Well, to dive straight in, are you familiar with a fish called “Bouze”?

2014.10.23 Cruise Tokushima

Getting close to the world’s best whirlpools : Uzushio Kanchōsen (Tokushima)

I wrote about the Naruto Straits in Tokushima before, but that article was about seeing the worlds largest whirlpools from above.

2014.10.3 Cruise Tokushima

World’s Largest Whirlpools : “Uzunomichi”, Naruto Straits

Along with the “Strait of Messina” and the “Seymour Narrows”, the “Naruto Straits” in Tokushima feature one of world’s three largest whirlpools.