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2020.5.18 Cruise Hiroshima

A report on the merging of the superstructure and the base of “SEA SPICA,” the high-speed sightseeing cruiser for island hopping in Setouchi Vol.3 by members of STU48 / West Japan Railway Company 【PR】

“SEA SPICA” is a high-speed sightseeing cruiser, specializing in island hopping in Setouchi, which will enter service in summer of 2020! This is our third report about “SEA SPICA,” which introduces us to the shipbuilding – accompanied by 2 members of STU48!

2020.4.15 Art

Visiting the well-known “power spots” where mystical energy flows! This northern drive route visits temples, shrines, and cultural heritage sites in Tottori, Shimane, and Yamaguchi

There are a lot of “power spots” which are thought to be flowing with mystical energy in San’in area, and most of them are related to ancient myths and religious deities. We introduce a road trip plan with must-visit places.

2020.4.15 Art

A continual stream of natural beauty which will make your heart tremble! The eastern drive route covers the best viewing spots in Okayama, Hyogo, and Tokushima

We introduce the eastern driving course in Setouchi where you can see great views of the sea, islands, and mountains - and get a feel for the deep local culture.


You can use the expressways with a flat-rate toll! Take a “road trip” in San’in, Setouchi, and Shikoku with this good value for tolls on expressways. / San’in-Setouchi-Shikoku Expressway Pass

Have you heard of the service “San'in-Setouchi-Shikoku Expressway Pass (SEP)?” If you use this, you can get a good discount on the expressway toll rates in the San’in, Setouchi, Shikoku areas. Let us show you how to use this service!

2020.4.9 Cruise Hiroshima

A report on the shipbuilding of “SEA SPICA,” the high-speed sightseeing cruiser for island hopping in Setouchi. Vol.2 shows you the “Reversal Procedure” where the ship is turned over. / West Japan Railway Company 【PR】

“SEA SPICA” is a high-speed sightseeing cruiser, specializing in island hopping in Setouchi, which will enter service in summer of 2020! This is our second report about “SEA SPICA,” which introduces us to the shipbuilding – accompanied by 2 members of STU48!

2020.3.16 Cruise Hiroshima

A report on the shipbuilding of “SEA SPICA,” the high-speed sightseeing cruiser for island hopping in Setouchi Vol.1 by members of STU48 / West Japan Railway Company 【PR】

“SEA SPICA” is a high-speed sightseeing cruiser, specializing in island hopping in Setouchi, which will enter service in summer of 2020! Our first report about “SEA SPICA” introduces us to the shipbuilding – accompanied by 2 members of STU48!

2020.3.15 Art

The must-have item is your camera! The western drive route includes photogenic spots in Kagawa, Kochi, Ehime, and Hiroshima

We introduce the westward driving course where you can visit the most photogenic spots, such as Angel Road, Chichibugahama Beach, Monet’s Garden Marmottan, etc.

2019.3.16 Gourmet Hyogo

What a dynamic dish! Let’s combine donburi (a bowl of rice) with Akashi octopus, whose best season is in winter, and a local beer./AKASHI BREWERY (Akashi-shi, Hyogo)

We have found a dynamic octopus dish in Akashi, which is one of the leading areas to catch octopus in Setouchi.

2019.3.16 Gourmet Hyogo

Let’s go and taste the beer which won the Gold medal at “The International Beer Cup.”/AWAJI BEER (Awaji-shima, Hyogo)

“AWAJI BEER,” brewed on Awaji-shima Island, won the Gold medal at “The International Beer Cup 2018.” We visited Awaji Brewery to find out the secret of its good taste.


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2019.3.3 Gourmet Hyogo

Akashi’s “fish paradise!” If you like fish, then this is the best place to visit. /Uontana Shopping Street (Akashi-shi, Hyogo)

You can get many kinds of fish products from Akashi, such as fresh fish, kamaboko, dried fish, everyday dishes, etc. on “Uontana” Shopping Street!

2018.4.2 Art Okayama

Kibitsu-jinja Shrine – Interview with a Demon

It’s not every day you get to communicate with a demon. But heading out to Kibitsu-jinja Shrine in Okayama Prefecture, that’s exactly what’s on the menu for me and my partner today. But I’m trying to play it cool, reading an old book on the train to Kibi.

2018.3.31 Art Hiroshima

Hiroshima MOCA – Japan’s First Public Museum of Contemporary Art

“Hiroshima has a blank history,” says Akiko Goto, Public Relations Officer at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima MOCA). “Because we lost everything from our past in the bombing, we have to look to the future. And what better way to envision that future than through art?”


Experience the slow life in rustic homes on the mountainside

From ancient times, the Nishi-Awa district was the crossroads of Shikoku Island with its four domains (‘shi’ = four, ‘koku’ = domain). Located in the mountainous heart of Shikoku, anyone travelling between the domains would pass through this area. Today, roads have been cut along the low-lying river valleys.


The Insider’s Guide to an Experience-filled Trip Through Setouchi

The three-day trip we map out here introduces some of the very best aesthetically, physically, and intellectually rich time-slip experiences to be found anywhere in Japan. From working up a sweat dancing to making noodles, paddling furiously in river rapids, or visiting some of the most exquisite traditional gardens and castles remaining in Japan, this trip has something to put a smile on everyone’s face.


The Setouchi Western Route With Travel Blogger Kelley Ferro

Blessed with spectacular scenery, the Setouchi region provides the visitor with a range of opportunities both to get physical and to enjoy a relaxing experience of traditional Japan, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Setouchi’s Beauty — The Natural Environment and the Art that it has Inspired

The climate of Okayama and Kagawa Prefectures is so gentle that the region truly lives up to the designation “Hare no Kuni,” “The Land of Clear Skies.” Part of the charm of this region lies in the harmony between the gorgeous scenery and tranquil environment of the Seto Inland Sea, and the artistically designed gardens and historical architecture which blends organically with this exquisite environment. For those seeking a more relaxed pace, this itinerary offers a journey around some of the most beautiful areas of Setouchi, allowing you to experience the healing touch of art and nature.


Cycling the Shimanami Kaido – Close Up and Local in Rural Japan

Cycling is an ideal way to travel the islands and coastlines of the Seto Inland Sea. The Shimanami Kaido route comes with a designated cycling lane and crosses 70 km of islands and bridges. It connects Onomichi on the mainland to Imabari and Shikoku in the south. This itinerary will take you on a journey through some of the finest scenery in the region. Breathe in the fresh sea air, climb on your bicycle, and set off on your voyage of discovery.


The Setouchi Eastern Route With Travel Blogger Kelley Ferro

The Setouchi region offers products and experiences unavailable even elsewhere in Japan. This itinerary rounds up a number of these in a convenient three-day package. It takes you to Kojima Jeans Street, a unique area focused entirely on high-quality Japanese denim, offers some unmissable sights both natural and historical, immerses you in the culture of the Japanese sword, offers relaxation in inns with a flavor of old Japan, and tempts the taste buds with local specialties such as Kobe beef and Nada sake.


The Setouchi Central Route With Travel Blogger Kelley Ferro

Join high profile travel blogger Kelley Ferro as she discovers the rich culture, amazing nature, and pure fun awaiting on Shikoku island, the center of Setouchi.


The Insiders’ ‘Highlights Tour’ of West Setouchi

The Setouchi region is so blessed with attractive places to visit and activities that it can sometimes feel difficult to decide on a destination, or put together a realistic schedule to fulfill your traveling ambitions. With that in mind, the staff here at Setouchi Reflection Trip have put their heads together to create a five-day tour of the western part of Setouchi designed for travelers wanting a broad introduction to the best of the region.


Gifts from the Sea and Land – A Foodies’ Delight Trip Through Setouchi

Blessed with a mild climate and abundant nature, Setouchi is a treasure trove of gourmet foods made from the best that the bountiful land and rich sea have to offer. Taking a food-focused journey through the Seto Inland Sea provides an opportunity to give your taste buds an experience they will long remember. Join us as we take you through just one possible permutation of a “foodies’ delight trip in Setouchi.” A feast for the senses served with a generous helping of cultural discovery.


A Trip to the Living History and Culture of Shikoku’s Setouchi

A leisurely stroll through one of Japan’s most exquisite gardens sets the stage for a succession of historical and cultural sites on Shikoku island, the far shore of the Setouchi region. Over a three-day period, you can experience the history and culture thriving in the least visited of Japan’s main islands. Join us and discover that the gardens, architecture, food, and historical monuments do not merely exist in the background of everyday life on Shikoku, but rather, help form the very fabric of daily life.

2018.3.28 Cruise Hiroshima

SETOUCHI SEAPLANES – A One-of-a-Kind View of Japan’s Inland Sea

“I was raised on stories about seaplane pilots. My grandpa always said there are no finer people. Their hearts are washed clean by both sea and sky. So they’re braver than sailors, and prouder than regular pilots.”


Setouchi – A History and Culture Worthy of its World Heritage Site Status

The Setouchi region, replete with places of great historical and cultural value, contains no less than four UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a wealth of equally fascinating yet lesser-known spots nearby. In the three day journey we have mapped out here, you’ll encounter a magnificent castle, an iconic shrine, a timeless memorial for peace, and one of the most significant birthplaces of modern Japan. The historical and cultural richness of these sites will stimulate and inspire, but the journey itself holds just as many unplanned delights and discoveries that will have you wanting to dig even further into this fascinating part of Japan.


Road Trip to Setouchi’s Cultural Treasures

Settling into a car seat allows a completely different type of travel experience, one perfectly suited to the Setouchi region with its treasure trove of rich history and culture far removed from the hustle and bustle of large cities. Regardless of your destination, world-class roads, bridges and ferries make traveling by car safe, easy, and relaxing. Having the freedom of a vehicle allows you to tailor your own course, at your own pace, through scenic countryside steeped in history and alive with culture. It’s an ideal way to see and experience the very best of the Setouchi region.      The road trip assembled here covers four prefectures in the Setouchi area, highlighting a wealth of designated cultural treasures, as well as some magnificent scenery. Whether you take to the road by yourself, or share the journey with those near and dear, the amazing array of opportunities for cultural appreciation, education and gorgeous scenery, will provide memories to treasure for a lifetime.

2018.3.27 Gourmet Yamaguchi

Irori Sanzoku – Yamaguchi’s Perpetual Food Festival

It appears like a mirage out of the darkness. A mass of lantern lights illuminate the Japanese tower and other traditional buildings on the roadside. Enormous decorative koi carps flutter in the breeze. On the other side of the road, hundreds of glowing lanterns form the Japanese character for ‘festival’. This is the famous Irori Sanzoku in Yamaguchi Prefecture - a restaurant complex where the beat of festival drums sounds all year long.

2018.3.27 Cruise Hiroshima

guntû – Setouchi’s Own Luxury Floating Ryokan

There’s nothing quite like a luxury stay at a traditional Japanese inn. Exceptional service, exquisitely prepared food of the highest order, long soaks in healing hot water, and all the other touches make each stay in these establishments, known in Japan as “ryokan,” a hotel experience unparalleled anywhere in the world. It couldn’t get any better right?

2018.3.27 Hiroshima

Onomichi City – Where Temples, Cats, and Bicycles Collide (in a Good Way!)

What do you get when you combine hills, temples, cats, and bicycles?