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2016.3.25 Gourmet Hyogo

The Buzz About Burgers on Awaji

On onion-laden Awaji Island, the burgers are the bee’s knees, and folks are travelling from all over to get a taste of the action.

2016.3.24 Gift Hiroshima

Onomichi Denim Shop – the fabric of society

Walk down the central shopping arcade in Onomichi and you'll come across the chic Onomichi Denim Shop. It could be any other fashionable boutique. Stylish faded jeans lie neatly on a wooden table running the length of the store. The walls are bare apart from two large black and white prints. But chat to the shop staff, or browse the product literature, and you will soon realize this is no ordinary clothes store.

2016.3.24 Hotel Hiroshima

Anago no Nedoko –sleeping with the fishes?

Anago no Nedoko roughly translates as "salt-water eel's bed". It hardly conjures up the image of a peaceful night’s sleep. But thankfully, this Onomichi guesthouse does not live up to its name.

2016.3.23 Gourmet Yamaguchi

Irori Sanzoku (Kuga) – Festive Food Experience

You can’t help but have fun when you visit here. Located along a busy mountain road about 17 kms west of Iwakuni, it pops out of nowhere. A jaw-dropping display of enormous koi carp flags, gigantic colorful billboard-size cutouts of traditional characters and literally hundreds of red and white lanterns will definitely catch your eye. The atmosphere is very similar to a Japanese festival. If you have yet to experience one, consider this a primer. With taiko drums to beat, photo popups to pose in, and attractions for kids, it’s fun for all ages.

2016.3.23 Ehime

Luxury Train Ride along the Coast of Ehime

The Iyonada Monogatari is a sightseeing train, a luxury travel genre that’s currently enjoying something of a boom in Japan. This classic train, fitted out in ‘retro-modern’ style at considerable expense, takes you on a stylish journey through the coastal and mountain region of western Shikoku known as Iyonada. As you travel through this picturesque scenery, you can enjoy delicious meals prepared using the specialities of the region.

2016.3.23 Hotel Ehime

Guesthouse Made for Cyclists 

Most people who think of coming to the Setouchi region will have heard of the Shimanami Kaidō. This road links Onomichi on the mainland with Imabari on Shikoku. Whether your journey starts from Onomichi, or Imabari, finding cyclist-friendly accommodation to receive advice and meet other cyclists is recommended. In Imabari, 'Cyclo no Ie' fits the bill - an affordable guesthouse catering for cyclists created by cycling buffs.

2016.3.21 Gourmet Hiroshima

Serika, a Café Restaurant at the Southernmost Tip of Yamaguchi with Beautiful Views that offers Setouchi Seasonal Flavors & Spanish Cuisine!

The town of Kaminoseki is located at the southernmost tip of the Murotsu Peninsula, Yamaguchi prefecture. From café restaurant Serika, which is by the sea, on a clear day you can see all the way to Shikoku’s Sadamisaki Peninsula.

2016.3.20 Gourmet Hiroshima

Café Restaurant Serika’s Juicy Tiger Prawn Ajillo You Can Make in 5 Minutes!

Serika is a café restaurant located at the southernmost tip of the Murotsu Peninsula in the town of Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi prefecture.

2015.12.31 Gift Okayama

How About Participating in Events That Convey All The Good of Okayama?

Dear readers who reside in Tokyo,As you know, there are lots of regional antenna shops in central Tokyo, but today we’d like to talk more about the Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan, a large-scale, interesting shop that opened in 2014!

2015.9.27 Art Ehime

Antique Lover? Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum is Filled with Retro Glass from the Meiji & Taisho Periods!

Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum is a great place for antique lovers and only a 3-minute walk from Dogo Onsen's main building.

2015.9.15 Gourmet

A Treasure Trove of Gourmet: 7 Dishes Recommended by Local Writers!

With the huge popularity of various events such as the Setouchi Triennale and Cycling Shimanami, the Seto Inland Sea area is now very much in the spotlight.

2015.8.31 Art

Castle Enthusiast? Six Beautiful Castles in the Setouchi Area!

Did you know that there are many castles in the Seto Inland Sea area?

2015.7.6 Gourmet Kagawa

Small ’Art Island’ Discoveries & A Nostalgic Café Found Hidden in the Backstreets!

In the Honmura district of Naoshima Island, old traditional Japanese houses with charred wood and white lime plaster walls give the area a nostalgic elegance.

2015.7.1 Gourmet Okayama

Sunny Country is Fruit Kingdom! Try a Premium Fruit Parfait with Okayama Brand Fruit @ café Antenna!

Boasting the No.1 production rate in Japan for white peaches, and muscat and pione grapes, Okayama is affectionately known both as the ‘sunny country’ and the ‘fruit country’.

2015.6.30 Art Okayama

The Yumeji Art Museum: Experience the Charms of the Taisho Romantic Born in Okayama 130 Years ago!

During the period of ‘Taisho Romance’, Yumeji Takehisa was active in a variety of arts, as a painter, designer as well as a poet.

2015.3.19 Art Kagawa

Hariko Tigers, a Traditional Kagawa Handicraft with a 150-Year History!

Mino-cho is located in Mitoyo city, Kagawa prefecture, and it is in this small town area that hariko tigers (a type of paper-mache) are made.

2015.2.4 Gift Hyogo

A Nostalgic Flavor from South-West Hyogo… Itomen – Chicken Champon Noodles!

Are you familiar with Itomen's Champon noodles? Many people from the south-west part of Hyogo prefecture may right now be thinking "How nostalgic!"

2015.1.26 Gourmet Hiroshima

Seasonal Blessings of Satoyama & Heart-Warming Hospitality : Nagomi Tei (Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

This verb, which means 'to show hospitality', has been used in this region since olden times.

2015.1.19 Art Ehime

Not Just Mandarins! Ehime’s Handicrafts Are Amazing!

Dear readers, do you think that Ehime's charms lie only in "mandarins"?

2015.1.19 Gift Kagawa

Sanuki’s Superb Soy Sauce Beans!

This time we would like to introduce flavors from Setouchi that can be enjoyed even in Tokyo.


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