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2015.3.19 Art Kagawa

Hariko Tigers, a Traditional Kagawa Handicraft with a 150-Year History!

Mino-cho is located in Mitoyo city, Kagawa prefecture, and it is in this small town area that hariko tigers (a type of paper-mache) are made.

2015.2.4 Gift Hyogo

A Nostalgic Flavor from South-West Hyogo… Itomen – Chicken Champon Noodles!

Are you familiar with Itomen's Champon noodles? Many people from the south-west part of Hyogo prefecture may right now be thinking "How nostalgic!"

2015.1.26 Gourmet Hiroshima

Seasonal Blessings of Satoyama & Heart-Warming Hospitality : Nagomi Tei (Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

This verb, which means 'to show hospitality', has been used in this region since olden times.

2015.1.19 Art Ehime

Not Just Mandarins! Ehime’s Handicrafts Are Amazing!

Dear readers, do you think that Ehime's charms lie only in "mandarins"?

2015.1.19 Gift Kagawa

Sanuki’s Superb Soy Sauce Beans!

This time we would like to introduce flavors from Setouchi that can be enjoyed even in Tokyo.


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