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Hironobu Matsuoka / Photo-writer

Born in 1974 in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, and currently living there, Hironobu is the president of Mediapolis Inc.

“I travel around the country in Solar King, an eco-camping car that has a solar power generator, and film the beautiful scenery of Japan in high-definition. I want to move around the country as much as possible and leave behind videos of precious Japanese nature and scenery for future generations to enjoy. Although I travel all over the country, I love my home area of Setouchi.”

‘Healing Japan TV’ – Traveling virtually around the country through ‘healing videos’.


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2015.3.25 Tokushima

The Giant 1000-Year-Old Tree Standing on the Shore of Yoshino River!

Featuring the largest river basin area within Shikoku, the class A Yoshino River flows from West to East through Tokushima prefecture.

2015.3.18 Okayama

Nozaki’s Historical Residence – A Mansion Built by an Edo Entrepreneur!

During the Edo period, ‘sand drying’ fields were developed along the beaches of the Kojima district of Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture, which led to the area prospering in the salt industry.

2015.2.27 Okayama

Octopi Drying in Shimotsui: A Winter Sight since Days of Old!

Winter is the best time for catching octopi in Shimotsui, which is located in the southern part of Okayama prefecture at the foot of Great Seto Bridge.

2015.2.24 Hyogo

Ako Castle Ruins & Oishi Shrine: Meet the 47 Ronin at Chushingura their Home Town!

Well known as one of the locations where a famous Japanese historical play, Chushingura takes place, Ako Castle ruins are located in the southwestern part of Hyogo prefecture.

2015.2.19 Ehime

The Knack of Taking Great Pictures of Bridges!

Along with the Naruto Strait and the Kanmon Straits, the Kurushima Strait located in Imabari city, Ehime prefecture is one of Japan's three great tidal currents, and has been known as a rough spot since ancient times.

2015.2.16 Okayama

Mt. Yudachiuke: Let’s Go See the Fantastic Seto Inland Sea Sunset!

Located in southeastern Okayama prefecture, Mt. Yudachiuke is 210 meters above sea level.

2015.2.16 Ehime

Matsuyama Castle : The Impregnable Fortress with an Edo Period Keep!

One of Japan’s 12 surviving castle keeps that were constructed before the Edo period, Matsuyama Castle is situated right in the center of Matsuyama city.

2015.2.16 Kagawa

Yashima : A Table Mountain in Shikoku?!

Yashima is known throughout Japan as the battleground of the Genpei War, but do you actually know what kind of place it is?

2015.2.12 Ehime

Ozu Castle: Beautifully, Faithfully Restored!

The remains of Ozu Castle are located in Ozu city in the southwestern part of Ehime prefecture. Using Edo period construction methods for the first time since the war, it has been faithfully restored.

2015.2.12 Tokushima

Naruto Park: Outstanding Bridge & Whirlpool Views!

Naruto Park is situated on the Shikoku side (Tokushima prefecture) of the Naruto Strait that separates Awaji Island and Shikoku.

2015.2.10 Tokushima

The ”Earth Pillars of Awa”! A Mysterious Phenomena Found in Only 3 Places Worldwide!

The earth pillars of Awa are a geological formation born around 1.2 million years ago, a period of time hard to comprehend!

2015.2.3 Yamaguchi

Let’s Go to Dan-no-Ura to Enjoy a ”History Experience Picture Story”! Mimosuso River Park (Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

This is the Kanmon Straits, Dan-no-Ura, the stage where the last sea battle between the Genji and Heike (Taira) clans was waged.

2015.1.23 Yamaguchi

Bisha-no-Hana: The Westernmost Tip of Honshu – The Land at the Furthest End! (Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

The shoreline of Yamaguchi prefecture's western area is dotted with famous locations that fit perfectly with the image of "the farthest land".

2015.1.19 Okayama

A Hiking Trip with Sublime Views Over Setouchi Ohashi Bridge? Washuzan Hill (Kurashiki City, Okayama prefecture)

Washuzan Hill is the perfect spot for close up views of Setouchi Ohashi Bridge.

2015.1.12 Ehime

The ‘Warring Ages’ Kawanoe Castle & Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture)

Kawanoe Castle is the remains of a castle that existed from the Japanese middle ages until the Warring ages.

2015.1.12 Yamaguchi

Mt. Taika: Sublime Sunrises, Sunsets & Night Views! (Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Mt. Taika is a mountain located 362 meters above sea level on the Oshima peninsula in Shunan city, Yamaguchi prefecture.

2015.1.12 Ehime

A Great Spot to Witness the First Sunrise of the Year! Recommended for Students Preparing for Exams : Shishimagahara (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture)

Shishimagahara is known as an area related to “Sugawara no Michizane” (the god of scholarship). It is also famous for the first sunrise and the first shrine visit of the New Year.

2015.1.7 Hyogo

A Small Peninsula by the Hot Spring Area with Beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets : Ako Misaki (Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Ako Misaki is a small peninsula where you can enjoy views of Shodo Island and the Ieshima Islands among others of the Seto Inland Sea.

2014.12.29 Kagawa

Zenigata Sunae Looks Superb in the Evening Sun : Kotohiki Park (Kan’onji City, Kagawa Prefecture)

Kotohiki Park, which has been designated as one of Japan's national scenic spots, is famous for the Zenigata Sunae (sand art in the shape of a coin) that can be seen from the viewing platform on Kotohiki Hill.

2014.12.27 Hyogo

One of Japan’s Best Beaches: White Sands, Pine Groves & Beautiful Sunsets – Keinomatsubara (Minamiawaji city, Hyogo Prefecture)

With its endless green pine forest and beautiful white sandy beach, Keinomatsubara is one of Japan's most prominent beaches.

2014.12.22 Hyogo

Wishing All Our Wonderful Fans A Very Happy Christmas Eve!Japan’s First Domain? : Eshima Island (Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Eshima Island, located in Iwaya fishing harbor in the north of Awaji Island, is also known as Onokoro Island.

2014.12.17 Ehime

Places to See Autumn Leaves on the Outskirts of Matsuyama / Matsuyama Central Park & Jonofuchi (Matsuyama city, Ehime Prefecture)

Matsuyama city's central sights are Matsuyama castle and Dogo Onsen, but if you visit Matsuyama, located in the city outskirts there are two other famous places we will now introduce, and that we would like you to try.

2014.12.14 Ehime

A Covered Bridge Once Crossed by Sakamoto Ryoma : Miyuki-no-hashi Bridge (Ozu city, Ehime prefecture)

Famous as the district though which Sakamoto Ryoma traveled when leaving the Tosa clan, Ozu city's Kawabe district is situated within a deep secluded mountain valley in the southern part of Ehime prefecture near the border of Kochi prefecture.

2014.12.7 Ehime

Autumn Leaves, Waterfalls & Yume Warabe : Shirataki Park (Ozu City/Ehime)

Shirataki Park is one of Ehime prefecture's most famous spots for viewing autumn leaves! (It has also been selected as one of Japan's top 100 autumn foliage-viewing locations.)

2014.12.1 Hyogo

A Waterfall Tour 5 Mins from the City : Nunobiki Dam (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Kobe is known in Japan as a port city, but did you know that there is a hiking spot where you can take in a waterfall tour within minutes of the city?

2014.11.26 Tokushima

Experience the Beauty of Ocean Cliffs on Foot or by Car! : Senba Cliffs (Minami, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture)

In addition to Ohama Beach and Ebisu Cave (previously introduced), there is another superb sightseeing spot by the sea in Minami (previously called Hiwasa) in the southern part of Tokushima prefecture.

2014.11.22 Tokushima

Sea turtle beach & a sea cave inside a giant boulder : Ohama Beach & Ebisu Cave (Minami, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture)

Minami (previously Hiwasa), a town at the southern part of Tokushima prefecture, is where Ohama beach is located.

2014.11.20 Hyogo

A mid-air walk with a view over Akashi Kaikyō Bridge : Sumaurasanjō Yūen (Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture)

Located in the Suma district of Kobe city, Sumaurasanjō Yūen is a park spread over two mountaintops, Mt. Hachibuse and Mt. Hatafuri.

2014.11.15 Okayama

Autumn Colors, Cute Monkeys & Waterfalls?? : Kanba no Taki (Maniwa, Okayama)

Located in a prefectural Natural Park in Maniwa, northwest Okayama, the 110m high, 20m wide ‘Kanba no Taki’ waterfall is the biggest in west Japan.

2014.11.10 Tokushima

Shikoku’s BEST autumn colors “dye” a valley! : Kōnosekyō (Naka-chō, Naka-gun, Tokushima)

Located south of Mt. Tsurugi, Kōnosekyō canyon is so famous for its beautiful autumn colors that it has been chosen as one of the top “100 best places in Japan to see autumn colors”.