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Katsutoshi Asai

Producer and member of the Setouchi Regional Revitalization Association.

Born in Yokohama in 1974, Katsutoshi is married and has a young son. Although he started his career with an advertising agency, he went to join the Tower Records team. Katsutoshi was involved with brand management, sales campaigns, collaboration work, and live events. Through his career, he experienced being the Sales Promotion Manager, and the Manager of the Live Entertainment Department. However, in 2012, Katsuyoshi retired from Tower Records and moved to Seto city, Okayama prefecture – a place where he had no prior friends, connections or relatives. Soon after moving, he joined the Setouchi Regional Revitalization Association, and in July 2013 founded Kokohore Japan and began a number of projects to re-task old traditional buildings, invent new specialty products, and work on regional branding.

Website: Kokohore Japan http://kkhr.jp/

Asami Asai

Editor & Writer

I mainly write about social news, music, and lifestyles. I was born and raised in Tokyo, but in 2012 I decided on a whim to move to Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture. I contribute to magazines such as Liniere, Inakagurashi no Hon, and ku:nel. I publish books for my ‘interesting’ friends, too, and direct and write for programs at FM Okayama. Everyday I write about people and things for both readers and listeners.

Website: Kokohore Japan http://kkhr.jp/

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2015.9.25 Art Okayama

Naoshima Isn’t the Only Art Island! We Recommend Touring Inujima Island on Foot!

Symbols of Inujima Island, crumbling brick smokestacks tower over their surroundings.

2015.6.5 Gourmet Hyogo

Best of Awaji Island at Roadside Station Uzushio!

This shot of the Naruto Strait with its large whirling tides right in front of your eyes was taken at roadside station Uzushio without a zoom lens!

2015.5.21 Hotel Okayama

“Guesthouse I…,” : A 200-year-old Japanese House in the Town of Rush Grass!!

Sandwiched between Okayama city and Kurashiki city, Hayashima-cho is a town that once prospered on rush grass production.

2015.5.19 Okayama

Nishiawakura & Mori no Gakko: Regional Company Making a 100-year Forest!

Nishiawakura village is found at the northeast tip of Okayama prefecture surrounded by a 100-year old forest.

2015.5.14 Okayama

The Cherry Blossom Goddess Brings Happy Blessings to Women. Konohanasakuya-hime Shrine, a Mysterious Spot in Kurashiki!

The Great Seto Bridge connects the island of Shikoku with the main island of Honshu.

2015.4.15 Gourmet Okayama

Find Superb Okayama Organic Food at Marché Yuki Seikatsu Market Ichi !!

With a total length of 2.4 km, Nishigawa Canal Park is around 10-minutes walk from Okayama station.

2015.4.4 Gourmet Hyogo

Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger, Japan’s Best Local Hamburger / Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture)

Did you know that there is a hamburger so delicious that gourmet enthusiasts even call Awaji Island "the holy ground for burgers"??

2015.3.27 Art Okayama

World Class Hinoki Cypress Furniture from the 100-year Forest!

Stylish and full of warmth, maybe because it is made of hinoki cypress, the “Nordicesque” furniture produced by Youbi Carpentry Workshop works well in both Western and Japanese-style rooms.

2015.3.23 Gourmet Hyogo

The Fruit of the Sea at Uzu no Kuni, a Restaurant with a Fabulous View!

Awaji Island is a place where superb quality seafood is caught all year round, and where, therefore, you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes.

2015.3.18 Gourmet Okayama

A Café with a Treehouse! Akatsuki café & Something!

While Ushimado is a prosperous port, there are many lovely spots in the yamasato area.

2015.3.7 Gift Okayama

ablabo. A Project Started by the Oil Girl of Nishiawakura Village!

Located in Nishiawakura village, “ablabo.” is a shop that sells specialist cooking oils.あああああ

2015.2.4 Gourmet Okayama

“Sake Urara”, A Licquor Store with Fondness, Established by A Sake-Loving Woman : Nishiawakura Village (Okayama Prefecture)

Do you like sake? Daiginjo, junmaiginjo, honjozo... There are a myriad of sake types and a wide range of manufacturing methods, and thus it often seems to have an image of being "hard to understand" and "a liquor of acquired taste".

2015.1.7 Gourmet Okayama

Almost Like Finland! Enjoy Nordic Style & Good Coffee at Kinoshitashouten : Oku (Okayama Prefecture)

Mr. Kinoshita opened "Kinoshitashouten" in Oku-cho, at the entrance of Ushimado, in June 2010. Originally Mr. Kinoshita wanted to sell roasted coffee beans.

2014.12.29 Hotel Okayama

60-year-old Home Turned into a Fun Guesthouse : Toriikuguru / Hokan-cho, Okayama Prefecture

Where the Houkan-cho shopping district's arcade ends, a 13-minute walk from Okayama station's West exit, there is a curious space!

2014.12.29 Gift Okayama

“Oyster Ajillo” : Congratulations on First Place at the Jibamon Kokumin Awards!

Oyster racks, floating in the ocean…Did you know that Okayama prefecture is an oyster producing area?

2014.12.10 Okayama

Experimental Use of a Closed School! Revitalizing Oyakama : Haiko Challenge!

If you head towards Okayama castle from Okayama station, moving along Momotaro Odori road you will reach your destination - the old Uchisange elementary school.

2014.12.5 Gift Okayama

“Mamachovy” : Okayama’s New Souvenir that’s Great with Italian cuisine!

Representing traditional Okayama cuisine, "Mamakari" (Japanese sardines) are said to be something delicious enough to make you want to ‘borrow rice’ ('manma' = regional word for 'rice' + 'karirru' = Japanese for 'borrow'). They’re mainly eaten pickled or as sushi, but recently a special new product has been making the news: Okayama's traditional cuisine has been reworked into an Italian cuisine ingredient.

2014.12.1 Hotel Okayama

KAMP, a Unique ’Camp Themed’ Guest House : Houkan-cho (Okayama)

In August 2014, a new camping-themed guesthouse called KAMP opened its doors at Houkan-cho, the shopping district near Okayama station.

2014.11.30 Gourmet Okayama

A Beautiful Valley Opened Up by Wacca Farm : Oku (Okayama Prefecture)

Facing the Seto Inland Sea in the southern part of Okayama prefecture, there is a beautiful valley in Setouchi city’s Oku-cho.

2014.11.18 Okayama

A special cruise to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Setonaikai National Park

As a commemorative event, Setouchi city (Okayama) and Mitoyo city (Kagawa) collaborated and ran the “Bisan Seto Cruise – Islands of Mitoyo -” on October 11th!

2014.11.3 Gourmet Okayama

An extremely popular Italian restaurant in Tokyo moved to Okayama : Ushimado “ACCA”

Hiroo “ACCA” was notorious in Tokyo for being difficult to make a reservation.

2014.10.17 Art Okayama

“UNOICHI”, a port town Marché with ocean views : Uno (Okayama)

A gateway to the islands of Shōdo, Teshima, and Naoshima, the bustling port town of Uno is located in Okayama.