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I was born and currently still live in Hyogo Prefecture. I work in translation, foreign entrepreneur support, English interpretation, and I’m a photo-writer. I work at a foreign investment start-up company specializing in network marketing, and am in charge of progress management and customer support. Since 2011, I have been translating the Front line of the IT Business weekly column in Fuji Sankei Business i.

I capture whatever moves and impresses me, such as daily scenery and the expressions of people I meet when traveling. I will present slices of life and locations, lifestyles, a sense of the seasons, and food from my own perspective.

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2014.11.25 Gourmet Hyogo

A Feast from Hyogo Prefecture (Autumn Edition)

For a little bit of luxury at the dinner table using only local ingredients, this time we will be introducing delicious dishes from Hyogo Prefecture.

2014.10.26 Art Hyogo

Refreshed Hakuro-jō : Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

In 1992, Japan ratified the Convention Concerning Protection of World Cultural and National Heritage Sites.

2014.10.21 Art Hyogo

“The 90th anniversary of a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece”: Ashiya City, Hyogo

Mr. Yamamoto, director of Yodokō Guest House says that the building, which stands proudly on the ridge of Mt. Rokkō, ‘looks like a ship sailing towards the Seto Inland Sea’.

2014.10.13 Gourmet Hyogo

Shin-Nagata : A town of mouth-watering “Shitamachi” cuisine & Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor)!

Around lunchtime in Shin-Nagata... People out to get lunch are cycling into Nishi-Kobe Center Gai (pronounced ‘guy’) Street to the background sound of a harmonica being played by a shop owner on the street.

2014.10.5 Art Hyogo

(ancient burial mound) : Soak-up History in the Sea Breeze! (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Leaving Tarumi station, I turned left, walked a little and saw the sign for Goshikizuka Kofun...