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I was born and currently still live in Hyogo Prefecture. I work in translation, foreign entrepreneur support, English interpretation, and I’m a photo-writer. I work at a foreign investment start-up company specializing in network marketing, and am in charge of progress management and customer support. Since 2011, I have been translating the Front line of the IT Business weekly column in Fuji Sankei Business i.

I capture whatever moves and impresses me, such as daily scenery and the expressions of people I meet when traveling. I will present slices of life and locations, lifestyles, a sense of the seasons, and food from my own perspective.

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2014.12.9 Hyogo

Colorful Cosmos Field on the Bank of Muko River

Every autumn, a field of cosmos appears on the Muko River bank, which flows in the southeastern part of Hyogo prefecture.

2014.12.3 Hyogo

Autumn Leaves of the World @ a Forest Arboretum!

When you get off the bus, a wind colder than that in the city blows through the trees. This is part of the Mt. Rokko group of mountains, situated in the southeastern part of Hyogo prefecture that has been designated part of the Setonaikai National Park.

2014.11.25 Gourmet Hyogo

A Feast from Hyogo Prefecture (Autumn Edition)

For a little bit of luxury at the dinner table using only local ingredients, this time we will be introducing delicious dishes from Hyogo Prefecture.

2014.10.26 Art Hyogo

Refreshed Hakuro-jō : Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

In 1992, Japan ratified the Convention Concerning Protection of World Cultural and National Heritage Sites.

2014.10.21 Art Hyogo

“The 90th anniversary of a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece”: Ashiya City, Hyogo

Mr. Yamamoto, director of Yodokō Guest House says that the building, which stands proudly on the ridge of Mt. Rokkō, ‘looks like a ship sailing towards the Seto Inland Sea’.

2014.10.13 Gourmet Hyogo

Shin-Nagata : A town of mouth-watering “Shitamachi” cuisine & Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor)!

Around lunchtime in Shin-Nagata... People out to get lunch are cycling into Nishi-Kobe Center Gai (pronounced ‘guy’) Street to the background sound of a harmonica being played by a shop owner on the street.

2014.10.5 Art Hyogo

(ancient burial mound) : Soak-up History in the Sea Breeze! (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Leaving Tarumi station, I turned left, walked a little and saw the sign for Goshikizuka Kofun...